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Group Coaching - Faith-Based Ongoing

This group coaching program is designed to help you get unstuck, get focused, get moving, get living, get happy, get over and get on with your life... whatever the goal, the need, the challenge, you have to stop talking and start “doing” (James 1:22). If you do the same things, you get the same results. So start here with group coaching and perhaps you may graduate to one-on-one.

I know first-hand from a personal walk and through the work that I’ve done with hundreds of women that the precursor to accomplishing your life goals, living an abundant life, stepping up from status quo/mediocre living and finding favor in life starts by first working on YOURSELF – that is working on your spiritual growth and personal development. If that resonates with you I will personally walk you through a blended approach of faith-based application of the word to hold you accountable to your best.

Established on the word according John 10:10 which says I have come so you would have life and have it more abundantly, GPLC Coaching is a resource I created to support you living the abundance God promised you in John 10:10. The group is an ongoing success accountability program to support you with your spiritual growth and personal development. Similar to the concept of a gym which is designed to help you accomplish your health and wellness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this program is an ongoing resource to support you with your life goals.

Who is this group coaching program best suited for?
Women of faith
Women who are searching for God
Women who want a closer walk with him
Women who are successful but unfulfilled, unsuccessful, unsatisfied Women who are committed to investing in themselves
Women who are coachable and open to accountability
Women who want to be better, live greater and go higher
What kind of group coaching program do you offer?

Faith-based success and accountability group for women who desire to live an abundant life and committed to become a do-er. The coaching group is membership-based; you can join at any time for all access and there’s no agreement.

What will I take away from the program?
How to become a doer of the word
How to grow in your spiritual walk
How to take control of your life and time
How to break free from chaos and disorder
How to improve, enhance or change your life
How to become the woman God created you to be
How to move from status quo living to abundant living

What topics do you cover in this group coaching program?
Faith, Gifting, Identity, Money, Order, Priorities, Purpose, Relationships, Standards, Thoughts, Time, Words and more…

What are the benefits?
-a closer walk with the Lord
-personal life transformation
-personal fulfillment
-a renewed sense of self
-more confidence
-clarity in how to tackle life’s challenge
-strategies on how to win in life
-more meaningful life
-community of like
-minded women
-greater level of success in career

How do I start?
Click here to get started with Private Faith-Based.
Click here to get started with Group Faith-Based (you will be redirected for details.




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  • November 22-24, 2017 – Thanksgiving Holiday - Office Closed
  • December 22, 2017 - January 2, 2018 - Christmas Break - Office Closed
  • January 19-21, 2018 - YOUTopia Winter Retreat

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