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Dee Marshall etc. brands are committed to helping women improve, enhance and transform their lives. Many know her for her extreme committed to empowering women and some even love her for the keeping it real approach to challenging women to step out of status quo mediocre, average living and into an abundant life… Dee’s products and programs are said to be LIFE CHANGING, TRANFORMATIONAL tools and resources that didn’t exist before now… She is a thought-leader on faith-based growth and development and while her clients, customers and participants find their way to us through many avenues, we are absolutely beyond grateful for those referred by you, which is why Dee created her affiliate program to reward those who refer others to our websites, programs and products.
So many of you want to help others by making the connection and some of you want to help the Dee Marshall etc. brands | Girlfriends Pray reach 1 million women around the world so we want to acknowledge you for sharing and reward you. It’s her way of saying thank you, thank you, thank you. In fact, many companies on the web use affiliate programs to help sell their products and services. It’s a win-win situation for both because the company sells their product and the seller gets a commission. We use an affiliate program because we’re on a mission to reach 1 million women around world … Yes it’s a big dream but it’s possible, doable, done through people like you.

Our goal is to transform lives…and we will reward you with a monetary gift for your referral. That’s right… we will pay you commission for eligible products, programs or event registration purchased thought your affiliate link. You can being promoting/sharing products, programs and events right away. There is no cost to join the affiliate program. All you have to do is apply. You don’t need to be in business, have a website or a large email list. Affiliates earn steady commissions by simply using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. as well as your webpages and blogs. We will give you the material and support you need to get started and maximize your earnings.

Benefits of joining Dee’s Affiliate Program:
• 20% commission on every sales of our signature program
• 20% commission on every sales of C-Suite line
• 20% commission on every commissionable product, program and events.
• Unlimited earning potential with no caps
• Fast and reliable monthly payments, real-time

Who can become an Affliate?
All are welcome to become an Affiliate, as long as they use ethical marketing methods to promote our programs and products (1 Corinthians 14:40). We have a no-tolerance policy for anyone promoting our programs via unsolicited email marketing. In addition, we reserve the right to decline any individual/entity who attempts to promote our programs and products via sites or use marketing methods that contain offensive content (meaning there’s a conflict with our standards and beliefs).

How will you get paid?
PROGRAM AND PRODUCTS Once you've earned $50 or more, we pay you monthly via Paypal or check. Commissions are paid 60 days after the close of the month in which the referred customer purchased through your affiliate link.
EVENTS Once you've earned $50 or more, we pay you 30 days after the event concludes via Paypal or check.

What if I have questions?
If you have questions, send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 888-218-1124.

Are you ready to get started?
You are probably already telling people about Dee Marshall etc. brands any way. So you should be rewarded. Click here to join.

Please Note:
• Dee Marshall etc. brands will not be held responsible if you refer your affiliate link to people with computer systems that do not allow the cookies necessary to give you affiliate credit, or if they already have another affiliate's cookies on their system.
• In the instance someone returns a product or program they purchased through your affiliate link, we’ll deduct the paid commission from you affiliate payment.
• Review the Dee Marshall etc. brands product/program package to know which products, programs, and events are eligible for commission.
• WHERE APPLICABLE: Affiliates must to be current on all payments to Dee Marshall etc. brands on to be eligible to receive affiliate commission.
• WHERE APPLICABLE: If affiliate is not eligible to receive affiliate commissions for more than 6 months, affiliates commissions will be forfeited.
• Commissions cannot be made on products purchased with one's own affiliate link.
• All affiliates are paid through Paypal only.



Dee Marshall etc.
a Growth & Development practice
Life Coaching | Training & Development
(Formerly Raise The Bar, LLC
NJ OFFICE: 888-218-1124
Direct: 732-377-2049 ext. 362
NY | NJ | PA | DC

Dee Marshall, Founder
Girlfriends Pray
over 100k  + women worldwide
-providing abundant living resources for women - John 10:10


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  • January 19-21, 2018 - YOUTopia Winter Retreat

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