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How Girlfriends Pray Is Changing Lives! a few ordinary women doing the extraordinary work of getting one million women around the world united in prayer..

Girlfriends Pray is an international prayer ministry of over 100k women worldwide.  Our mission is to get more women closer to God through prayer. Join us for a special New Years’ Eve Pray-A-Thon December 31st 12am to 12am January 1st.  Women faith leaders from around the globe will lead in prayer every hour on the hour.  712-432-0075 Code 128845#

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If you’ve never been to our annual Women’s History Month event or if you’ve been before, PLEASE JOIN US.  Every year at Raise The Bar, LLC we celebrate women of New Jersey in a big way and this year we want to celebrate you too. Join us on Thursday, March 31, 2016 in central New Jersey for Win, Rock & Rule Women’s Empowerment. Here are just a few reasons why you should attend:

(1) connect with positive like-minded professional women 
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So click here to register now before March 25th.  
For more information about sponsorships, partnerships or volunteering, click here, as well as diversity and inclusion. 
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  • “Dee Marshall … Bull Sh*t”

    Tuesday, 15 March 2016

    new skills

    “Dee Marshall….. Bull Sh*t” is what this highly accomplished, educated, successful woman said to me. Yes ……she most certainly did and to be quite honest I was flattered :) because I was just doing my job. 

    OK let me explain…. here’s the truth because it’s not exactly what you think …  she wasn’t referring to me as Bull Sh*t. She was the one with the BS.  She said “Dee thank you for calling me on my BS.  I had a coach for many years and I now realize all she did was pacify me and it didn’t get me anywhere. This is why I hired you ….so Thank you.”  

    WOW. The woman who we will call Tessa was actually a new client and in this moment she was receiving exactly what she needed. YES! 

    Just to clarify, I didn’t call her “BS”. I was just “holding up a mirror” so she could get clarity and see what was resting in her blind spot. The good thing about this exercise is once you see what is in your blind spot, you can deal with it. Whatever needs to happen YOU NOW HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DECIDE WHAT ACTION TO TAKE.   

    You can’t fix what you won’t face. I think it’s reasonable to say many people don’t deal with “IT”, whatever “IT” may be, because they can’t see. It is possible that you just don’t know what you don’t know, which is why having a resource like a Coach can be extremely valuable.       

    I say we all need someone who will call “BS” or tell us the truth. It may be a Coach :) or some trusted confidant, advisor or accountability partner. If you are stuck, stalled in your pursuit to go further, want to play bigger, do more, be better in your life, career or business, the benefit of having this kind of resource will help you move out of your own way.    

    Here’s a few reasons why YOU MAY NEED SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE WHO WILL CALL “BS”: 

    To Help You See Your Blind Spot 

    A skilled, trained, gifted, professional Coach should help you see your blind spots. The Johari window concept describes the body of all possible knowing like this (a) what I know that I know (b) what I know that I don’t know (c) what I don’t know that I know (d) what I don’t’ know that I don’t know. So it is highly unlikely (even if you have a super power) that you can see all and this theory helps me make my case.  

    To Stretch Your Vision 

    A skilled, trained, gifted, professional Coach or Mentor should be able to help you see beyond where you are right now and show you possibility.  It’s ok for the people around you to believe in your vision, particularly if they are family and friends. But, if/when you retain the services of a professional, he/she should see more for you and your life than you see. 

    To Increase Your Capacity 

    A skilled, trained, gifted Coach, Mentor or Strategic Advisor will challenge you to be better and do better, which will increase your capacity for more. If your current leadership or accountability or covering does not stretch you, add value or increase you, they are keeping you small (in my opinion).  If there’s no challenge, there’s no change. If there’s no stretching, there’s no increase. Stretching increases your capacity for more. It increases your bandwidth.

    So there you have it. What say you?  I would love to hear back from you… click here to post your feedback.


    See you at the top!

    Dee Marshall 

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