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How Girlfriends Pray Is Changing Lives! a few ordinary women doing the extraordinary work of getting one million women around the world united in prayer..

Girlfriends Pray is an international prayer ministry of over 100k women worldwide.  Our mission is to get more women closer to God through prayer.  Join us for a special New Years’ Eve Pray-A-Thon December 31st 12am to 12am January 1st.  Women faith leaders from around the globe will lead in prayer every hour on the hour.  712-432-0075 Code 128845#

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  • What's in Your Wallet?

    Thursday, 23 July 2015

    There used to be this commercial for a popular credit card company where this actor would say no to every request this customer had. Then at the end he would ask “What's in Your Wallet“? 

    The premise was that if you had this card in your wallet, it would bail you out of unfortunate situations and you wouldn’t have to call into your (less helpful, less customer-friendly) credit card company, only to get your claims and issues denied. 

    My question for you today is this...  

    What's in your wallet? And will the contents of your wallet get you out of a pinch or better yet, prevent it?! 

    • The proper ID? Are you who you say you are?  Some of us are carrying around fake ID! We don't know who we are and we'll compromise our value, values (yes, they are two different things) morals, and integrity to move forward or get by unscathed. 

    • Cards with available credit?
    • Old receipts crowding the billfold? Or is it clear to hold current monies and incoming cash flow? Are you holding onto past issues after the thirty day return policy has expired?  Or have you shredded them and made room for new purchases and experiences? 

    It's often said that how we show up in one area of our lives is how we show up in most or all. So today, check your wallet. Find out today if what's inside matches up with who you are on the outside and if the contents of your wallet will either help or harm you in your daily life - and in case of an emergency.

    [WANT TO USE THIS LIFE LESSON FOR YOUR BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA FEED?  Feel free to grab with the appropriate credit IP release in it's entirety as follows.] "Your personal fulfillment is a direct result of your willingness to write and produce your own script." #VitaminDee #Lifework brought to you by Dee Marshall |Certified Coach | International Speaker | TV Lifestyle Personality | Girlfriends Pray Founder ... Dee Marshall is a renowned expert on coaching women to success. - See more at: http://www.deecmarshall.com/blog

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