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How Girlfriends Pray Is Changing Lives! a few ordinary women doing the extraordinary work of getting one million women around the world united in prayer..

Girlfriends Pray is an international prayer ministry of over 100k women worldwide.  Our mission is to get more women closer to God through prayer.  Join us for a special New Years’ Eve Pray-A-Thon December 31st 12am to 12am January 1st.  Women faith leaders from around the globe will lead in prayer every hour on the hour.  712-432-0075 Code 128845#

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  • How to Maintain Focus

    Wednesday, 12 August 2015

    blocks-spelling-focus-falling-over-as-symbol-for-lack-of-concentration zykagspdWhen we’re on the path to winning and living the yummy life we’ve dreamed of, we often get sidetracked. 

    The things some people are sidetracked by like family drama, gossip, keeping up with the latest headlines, reports of incoming storms or inclement weather, serial killer on the loose, etc. are not the things that throw us off course. 

    No, those things don’t get in our way. What gets in our way are the bright and shiny objects. 

    Have you ever taken a child to Target with you just to grab a bag of cotton balls?


    On the way to the cotton balls there is this really sticky section called the dollar spot. It is filled with bright, shiny, neon, or polka dot goodies that the child will naturally gravitate toward.

    We do the same thing while working toward our goals. 

    But here is THE MAGIC WORD to avoid succumbing to

    temptation and becoming Unfocused Hoarder of the Year:


    Whatever our goals, the bright and shiny objects begin to show up just as we are about to reach a turning point. They even look like they are there to help!  A well-meaning auntie, perhaps the one who argues with your mom about the turkey will tell you her student needs voice coaching lessons. Having studied at Julliard, you see an opportunity to share your knowledge and as an artiste, of course, you’re short of cash this month. But nowhere in your list of things to do as an aspiring songwriter is there a slot for coaching teens.

    If you have not done all you possibly could to get to your destination, then the answer to all inquiries and suggestions about anything outside of propelling you forward in achieving your goal and honing your craft is no.  (SIDEBAR: No is a complete sentence.) 

    And that is how you maintain focus in this noisy world. It’s not easy, but it is entirely within your super powers.  Say NO to distractions and say YES to focus.

    [WANT TO USE THIS LIFE LESSON FOR YOUR BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA FEED?  Feel free to grab with the appropriate credit IP release in it's entirety as follows.] "Your personal fulfillment is a direct result of your willingness to write and produce your own script." #VitaminDee #Lifework brought to you by Dee Marshall |Certified Coach | International Speaker | TV Lifestyle Personality | Girlfriends Pray Founder ... Dee Marshall is a renowned expert on coaching women to success. - See more at: http://www.deecmarshall.com/blog

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