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How Girlfriends Pray Is Changing Lives! a few ordinary women doing the extraordinary work of getting one million women around the world united in prayer..

Girlfriends Pray is an international prayer ministry of over 100k women worldwide.  Our mission is to get more women closer to God through prayer.  Join us for a special New Years’ Eve Pray-A-Thon December 31st 12am to 12am January 1st.  Women faith leaders from around the globe will lead in prayer every hour on the hour.  712-432-0075 Code 128845#

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Are you struggling to get ahead in your life? Is your vision for your life bigger than how you are living right now? Are you frustrated that you are not living your full potential? Is your life characterized by overwhelm, frustration, lack of clarity or direction?  If your answer YES, you have come to the right place. Dee Marshall etc. brands are uniquely brilliant at helping people like you.  Here you will find breakthrough strategies and resources to inspire, encourage, motivate, equip and support you in getting everythng you want in life.  

  • How to stay true to yourself

    Thursday, 31 July 2014

    Be careful of that offer on the table.

    Have you ever had a job offer on the table so juicy it made your head spin?  And did the opportunity conflict with what you really wanted for your life……………BUT it was such an awesome compensation package you considered turning away from what you loved to pursue the deal on the table?  

    Ok, well if that’s you, never allow money to pull you away from what you love. If you are running your own business or pursuing a passion or home with your kids, be okay with that and know it’s rarely a good thing to let money be your motivator.  A good problem to have is that someone wants your gift, skill and talent and is willing to pay for it, but you are torn. However, you must know your worth and what you want in life so as not to be pulled away and pimped when the time comes for you to make a decision (sorry it had to be said).  Watch and listen this VLOG. 

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